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Live your life on Purpose… with NO apologies & NO regrets!

Ti'Juana A. Gholson, a member of The Maximized Life Coaching and 

Mentoring Team, is a Demonstrational Life Coach, specializing in program development, stra­tegic and financial coaching as well as business structuring. As a serial entrepreneur herself, Ti'Juana provides EVERYDAY mentorship and coaching to small business owners or executive leaders through her company TAG Consult­ing LLC. 

" My mission is to provide support and demonstrate the “HOW” to start AND “HOW” to maintain a business. " - Tijuana Gholson

Ti'Juana is the wife of Lawrence A. Gholson, II, the author of Writers Readers Runners: Assembling & Establishing an Influential Winning Team, who she patterns her practice after, a loving mother and the coolest NaNa of four adorable grandboys.


Her academia qualifies her as a Marriage and Family Counselor. She uniquely and candidly con­nects human behavior, professional discipline, and business savvy. She shares her knowledge through real life/real time growth and development in her business ventures. 


You will leave her sessions motivated, encour­aged, but most importantly mentally equipped to create "your better self" personally and professionally! 


Ti'Juana is a self-starter who strives to remain Relevant, Relatable and Real. She enjoys shar­ing her life story as well as encouraging others (especially women) that if SHE can be success­ful. .. so can YOU! 


70th Anniversary SBA Legacy Award Recipients the news!


Ten Questions with

Ti’Juana Gholson


Building a bigger table for Women’s History Month

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