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I became a Business Owner to spend more time doing what I LOVE and having the resources to do so with no restraints. I call it buying my freedom. Spending time with my family and traveling have been and always will be the foundation of my WHY. I keep that as my focus and it propels me to push forward every day! 

I became a Business Coach because I believe that small businesses are the foundation for this country. I also saw the need for nurturing small businesses. When I started out I had no model, no mentor and no support. I went to a few people who I THOUGHT would help me only to be turned away. I wasn’t encouraged to start a business because the idea was unfamiliar to those around me. Because of my experience WITHIN the first five years, so my purpose is to be that support to the small businesses to prevent that failure. 

I became a Speaker and Author to spread the message of HOPE to others that their dreams can be their reality! The underlying theme of my message is if I can do it… so can YOU! My goal is to push people to live their best lives with no apologies or regrets!

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